Essay for Jessica Backhaus (DE, 1970) last photobook Sixty Degrees of Freedom (Kehrer Verlag, 2016)

/// WERELDBEELD-ONTDEKKINGSREIS - on Ola Lanko's installation Shelter [dutch]

Ola Lanko (UA, 1985) presented the installation Shelter at KADS (Kunst aan de Schinkel, Amsterdam) and commissioned a short textual reflection from my side.

/// BEYOND THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SURFACE - A study of the material condition in photography [english]


Essay for the exhibition catalogue of Ola Lanko's All Year Round installation at Foam 3h, March - May 2014, Foam Amsterdam curated by Claudia Kussel graphic design by Severin Bunse


/// FOAM MAGAZINE #34 dummy - 4 INTERVIEWS [english]

The spring issue of Foam Magazine is a box that includes eight little volumes that are not yet finished books but dummies. They are proposals, prospects, possibilities. Taking the Unseen Dummy Award 2012 as a starting point, this special issue is aiming to shed a light on the extraordinary creative process behind the making of a photo book. So the editors of Foam magazine turned the magazine itself into a Dummy: a celebration of the photo book-to-be and asked me to guide four of the interviews with the makers: Linda Beumer, Mirte Slaats, Oliver Hartung and RVB books (on Arthur Mole).

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Dr. Viola Weigel, Director of the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (Germany) asked me to write an essay on the current art scene of Rotterdam with a special focus on photography and the development of this Dutch harbour city as city of culture. The context is the exhibition Learning from Rotterdam.. she curated for the museum with commissioned photographic work by Kim Bouvy and Elian Somers from the Netherlands and Oliver Godow and Jost Wischnewski from Germany. Next to the essay I conducted the interview with Oliver Godow on his photographic work about Rotterdam, which he developed and shot explicitly for the exhibition. Both are published in the magazine KW2

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/// EN ROUTE [english]

Essay on the usage and implications of Google Street View in relation to the act of travelling, commissioned by Hans Gremmen for the publication Objects in Mirror - The Imagination of the American Landscape published by FW: and FOTODOK Review on Photo-Eye

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For the What's Next? issue of Foam Magazine (winter 2011) the editorial team asked from each continent a representative to name a photographer/ artist that according to them is an answer to What's Next?

Lieko Shiga was selected by Mariko Takeuchi for Asia, Andy Best was selected by Anne Marsh for Australia & New Zealand, Jordan Tate was selected by Lesley Martin for North America, Hasan & Husain Essop by Sean O'Toole for Africa & the Middle East, Cia de Foto by Eder Chiodetto for South America and Paulien Oltheten by myself for Europe.

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/// OFF THE WALL [english / dutch]

Fw: asked me to create a textual work corresponding to two exhibitions of Paulien Oltheten and Raymond Taudin Chabot held at De Balie, Amsterdam in 2009. Experimenting and reflecting on my role as writer, I explored the human need and search for logic and structure in creative processes (like writing/ photographing etc) and linked it to the photographic work of the two artists.

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/// PRIKKELENDE AFWEZIGHEID - blurriness in contemporary photography [dutch]

Prikkelende Afwezigheid (eng. Teasing Absence) thematizes the role of blurriness in contemporary photography. I 'focused' in particular on the influence, blurriness has on the perception of the viewer of photographs and how it can change the meaning we give to the medium photography in general. The other aspect I was interested in, is the sociological and cultural background from which such a popularity of blurred images in contemporary art can be explained. There are several recent (art-)philosophical researches based on the need for the Unbestimmtheit in modern literature, philosophy, science and art (Gerhard Gamm, Gernot Boehme, Wolfgang Ullrich), which I combine with scientific literature about the mediumspecifics of photography (Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Vilem Flusser etc).

My approach is based on and inspired by the way phenomenology emphasizes on the perception as source for scientific research (Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Roman Ingarden & Martin Heidegger).

Blackwell Publishing released Photographic Theory in Historical Perspective by Hilde van Gelder & Heleen van Westgeest, with my thesis about blurriness cited (april 2011). an excerpt

/// OP STAP MET WILLEM [dutch]

Op stap met Willem is the result of a concept I developped together with Emily de Valk under the supervision of the Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas.

This project is about a visual characterisation of the Twijnstraat - a busy little shoppingstreet in the southern part of the inner city of Utrecht- through the eyes of psychiatric patients who live around the corner in the Willem Arntsz Huis. And here comes the title: Op stap met Willem means strolling around with Willem. But Willem is a non-existing person, except that in 1492 he founded the Willem Arntsz Huis which nowadays is a big institution to treat people with mental illness. The unique thing about this institution is that it is situated in the middle of the city, which makes the patients stroll around in the surrounding area and let them participate in 'normal' daily life.

We asked a couple of patients to photograph their favorite spots with throw-away cameras. Those photographs culminate in the book with quotes from interviews we had with them about funny coincidences, their memories about the Twijnstraat and about the people they daily meet while strolling around. Things like, where to get the cheapest cheese, about falling in love with the supermarket girl etc. Parallel we also interviewed the shop owners who are the ones who integrate the patients in their daily life and who would miss them if one day they wouldn't stroll and sing on the Twijnstraat anymore. I also made photographs of those shopowners to actually see who is meeting who.

The result is a book, I designed with the photographs of the patients and mine combined with the quotes of both- shopowners and patients in an intimate way. The photobook has been published in march 2008 by het Willem Arntsz Huis ( ISBN 978 90 79518 01 2 ).